The Minding Centre A Still Centre in Life's Storm
  • Meditation for the Young


    For 7-13 years old

    Course fee: $70.00 (per intake)

    Instructor: Ratna Lim

    Venue: The Minding Centre @ Bukit Timah Shopping Centre

    Date: TBA


    • Mind and body relaxation
    • Mental calmness & clarity
    • Increase attention span
    • Improve memory
    • Build positive emotion
    • Increase confidence

    Course contents:

    1. I am the universe: Learning from nature
    2. Visualization for happy and bright children
    3. Spacious love: Connecting with everyone; builds positive emotion and confidence
    4. Breathing is fun for calm and clear mind;
    5. Watching the mind: clarity and mindfulness;
    6. Using mindfulness in everyday life

    To register:

    Please download course flier / registration from and complete the registration form then mail it together with the course fee to the Minding Centre.

    For more information, please contact Ratna (8211 0879) or email:

    Our address & contacts.

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