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The Minding Centre, based in Singapore, is part of Piya Tan’s Dharma ministry. It was founded in 2006 to provide non-religious Dharma-based services to those in need of counsel and solace. It also serves as a haven and hub for those seeking Dharma by way of critical thinking, creative feeling, meditation, sutta translation and study, spirit­ual experience, and sharing that light and joy. The Centre also supports and promotes Piya Tan in his full-time Buddhist and related work.

The Sutta Discovery Series is part of the Living Word of the Buddha project which aspires to present and encourage an exploration of early Buddhism, both in a Dharma-inspired and academic manner for personal development as well as outreach work on a local and global scale. The Minding Centre and the Living Word of the Buddha project are motivated and guided by a quest for the historical Buddha and a vision of mere Buddhism.

The mere Buddhist vision. We aspire to learn, teach and prac­tise mere Buddha Dharma, or “non-reli­g­ious Buddh­ism,” that is, Buddh­ism as simple as possible, as the teaching of the historical Buddha, so that it is open to all who seek true stillness and liberating wisdom. We aspire to compassionately and joyfully pro­claim the possibility, necessity and urgency of gaining spirit­ual liberation in this life itself—at least as streamwinners, with or without dhyana—in keeping with the spirit of the Okkanta Saṁ­yutta (S 25). Mere Buddhism is easy: live it and be free.


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