Meditation Guidebooks

Recommended meditation guide book for seekers and meditators.

Meditation Guidebooks vol 1, 2 & 3 by Piya Tan.

1. Meditation 1: a Safety Guide by Piya Tan, 2013. [ISBN: 978-981-07-8585-7, size A4, 220 pp.] A recommended handbook for meditators and seekers.

Meditation: a safety guide by Piya Tan, 2013.


  • IntroductionWhy meditate? Who should not meditate? Downside of meditation.
  • (1)  What is meditation? Personal development and mental cultivation.
  • (2)  The 4 kinds of samadhi. Mental concentration, stillness and dhyana.
  • (3)  The stages to spiritual liberation. The nature of spiritual solitude.
  • (4)  The nature of mental stillness. What is samadhi and how it arises.
  • (5)  Nimitta: The mental sign in cognition and meditation. Joy in meditation.
  • (6)  The 3 kinds of meditation signs. When is our mind really peaceful?
  • (7)  Dhyana (jhana): The mind when it is fully free from the body.
  • (8)  The layman and dhyana: How to awaken without dhyana.
  • (9)  The Buddha discovered dhyana: Some misconceptions and clarifications. What does dhyana really mean? Was there dhyana before the Buddha? Does thinking occur in dhyana? How does the mind and the object become “one”?
  • (10) Bibliography

2. Meditation 2: a Skills Guide (click for details) by Piya Tan, 2014. [ISBN: 978-981-09-0617-7, size A4, 176 pp] A recommended handbook for meditators and seekers.

Meditation 2: a skills guide


  • Introduction
  • (1) The 5 mental hindrances. The 5 barriers to mental focus and habits that weaken wisdom; how to break through them.
  • (2) Negative desire. How the senses work and how they can work for us.
  • (3) Lust and how to overcome it.
  • (4) Ill will and negative emotions hinder personal progress: how to overcome them.
  • (5) Karaniya Metta Sutta (Khp 9 = Sn 1.8). How to cultivate unconditional love.
  • (6) Sloth and torpor. Mustering effort and energy in our minds.
  • (7) (Thina,middha) Tissa Sutta (S 22.84). Drowsiness can be overcome by insight.
  • (8) Restlessness and remorse: Not letting our past control us; keeping the future where it is.
  • (9) Doubt: Why we lack confidence and how to build it up.
  • (10) Nivana Pahana Vagga (A 1.2.1-10). The 5 mental hindrances: their causes and ending.
  • (11) Vitakka Santhana Sutta (M 20). How to overcome distractions during meditation.

3. Meditation 3: a Stillness Guide by Piya Tan, 2014.

  • Introduction
  • 1   Patisallana Sutta (It 45).  The benefits of a balanced practice.
  • 2   Dhajagga Sutta (S 11.3). The recollections of the 3 jewels.
  • 3   Buddhanussati. Recollection on the 9 virtues of the Buddha.
  • 4   (Sanditthika Dhamma) Brahmaṇa Sutta (A 3.53). The nature of the Dharma.
  •  5   Dhammânussati (Vism 7.68-88). Recollection on the 6 virtues of the true teachings of the Buddha.
  • 6   Sanghanussati. Recollection on the 9 virtues of the noble community.
  • 7   Silanussati (Vism 7.101-106). Recollection of moral virtue.
  • 8   Caganussati (Vism 7.107-114). Recollection of charity.
  • 9   Devatanussati (Vism 7.115-118). Recollection of deities. Meditating on         one’s own godliness.
  • 10  Pacala Sutta (A 7.58). Eight ways of overcoming drowsiness and the nature of discipleship.
  • 11  Vimutt’āyatana Sutta (A 5.26). Can liberation be won without meditation?

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