Simple Joys

Simple Joys is a compilation of the weekly reflections. It celebrates the love and wisdom that per­vade the whole of the Bud­dha’s teaching. These weekly reflections, first written in January 2007, and now total over 550. They have been inspired by the joys and sorrows of those I am in touch with, some of whom I only know through the Internet. Our lives are the fire and clay from which we forge healing vessels of joy and wisdom.

The reflections are mostly written in poetic prose, using simple words as far as possible, to invoke and express simple joys, of which we are all capable, but often need to be reminded of. The source of such joy and wisdom is of course the Buddha’s teaching.   

                                                                        ~~ Piya Tan


Simple Joys 1



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    Simple Joys 2: Healing Words

Simple Joys 3: Loving Words